Dekko Comics Subscriptions Launch Event

Thursday, 12 April 2018 - 3:30pm to 7:30pm
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Free open-door event, celebrating comic-education and entertaining communication.

Includes free workshop at 4 - 4.30pm!

     Click here and here to see some sample comic pages!  

  • Celebrating alternative ways of learning ~ a worthwhile event for any parent looking for new ways to effectively engage their children with literacy and schoolwork; in a way in which they can enjoy it as well as achieve results through it for themselves. 
  • There will be a workshop, where parents and pupils will be taught how to turn their own schoolwork and homework into entertainment they would be happy to do in their spare time, and thus use it as an effective study-assist technique. 
  • There will also be comics, stalls, inspirational speakers from those who have struggled at school, artist, caricatures (get your own face turned into a cartoon), as well as delicious cakes and other grub!
  • There will also be a drawing-table for kids to do their own drawings throughout the day, sponsored by STABILO. 
  • It will happen on the week leading up to Edinburgh Comic Con, so we welcome children (especially since it's the Easter holidays) to bring along and try out their Comic Con costumes and see how they go down as there is a strong comic-theme to this event. We will be giving a PRIZE to the best costume!
  • The event is centred around Dekko Comics, and the launch of its subscription service where they will release a comic a month. Dekko Comics turn school curriculum information into comic strips, making it easier to digest information ~ especially for those with forms of dyslexia and autism.

Rossie Stone, creator of Dekko Comics will  be hosting the event and  leading the workshop.  Rossie made these comics based on a technique he used at school to overcome his own dyslexia. To find out more about Dekko Comics, here is a little taster:


3.30pm: Doors open

4 - 4.30pm: Free workshop, teaching kids how to make their own educational comics and visual entertainment from a professional. (Please book a place, see below).

5 - 5.45pm: Inspirational Speakers from those who have struggled with school before and come out the other side stronger than ever. (Children aged 7 or younger may join the activities room for this section, if they wish, while the parents stay for the speakers).

6pm: Dekko Comics Subcriptions LAUNCHED to the world! Followed by Cake, food comics and more!  Doors close at 7.30pm.  

If you're curious to get a glimpse of what this Event may be like, take a look at a couple of our earlier ones:

And for further insight on what we do:

Everyone welcome to this free event - no need to book, unless you're thinking of attending the workshop at 4pm.  Please email to book a spot in the workshop, or if you have any questions.