Dyslexia Scotland runs a confidential Helpline which offers advice and guidance on dyslexia-related issues in Scotland. Helpline enquiries can be made by telephone, email or webchat. The Helpline is run by trained and experienced staff and volunteers.

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Opening times:

Monday to Thursday 10am to 4:30pm
Friday 10am to 4pm

How to contact the Helpline:
Telephone: 0344 800 84 84

Who contacts the Helpline?

The Helpline is open to anyone who wants to find out about dyslexia. In 2016, we dealt with 1730 enquiries to the Helpline.  

Click here to view our Infographic of the helpline stats.  If you would like to read our more in-depth report, which outlines information about the Helpline and other services in 2016, click here. A wide range of people contact the Helpline with 57% coming from parents and a further 28% from adults. Please see this chart for a detailed breakdown.

What do people ask about?

The largest proportion of enquiries are about the assessment of dyslexia (41%). Around 24% of our enquirers are looking for general information about dyslexia. Further details can be found in this chart.

What happens when I call?

When you contact us, you might be looking for advice and guidance about dyslexia, or might be upset or frustrated about a situation that has arisen. Our trained Helpline advisers will put you at ease and listen to your enquiry. We have access to a wealth of information and can provide you with advice about your situation, or signpost you to various resources and relevant organisations.

We can guide you through the various steps around your particular situation. You can also get back to us if you need further guidance about your next step. It is possible that we might need to investigate further information to enable us to answer your query fully. If this is the case, we can contact you at a time which suits you.

If you call our telephone service and the lines are busy or closed, you can leave a message and we will call you back. Unless you ask us not to mention Dyslexia Scotland in your message, we will explain that we are calling from Dyslexia Scotland if you are not in when we call you back. 

Enquiries to our Helpline are confidential. However, we do ask you to provide us with your postcode, for monitoring purposes only.

If you prefer to speak to an adviser, but can’t call us during helpline hours, do let us know and we can discuss an appropriate time for us to call you back.