Edinburgh Festival Review - 'Misspelled'

Highly Recommended by a member of Dyslexia Scotland.


Misspelled, a play about dyslexia by Aidan Bishop taking place in the Edinburgh Fringe Festival from now until 28th August.
Misspelled is listed as a comedy and presents the funny side of being dyslexic peppered with some non-dyslexic adult jokes. However to me it was not so much about the comedy but more about the personal feelings and experiences of a dyslexic person. Sometimes funny and sometimes a little heart rending, his family’s attitude to him when he was growing up in New York and unidentified as dyslexic, was obviously quite hurtful to him. 
Presented almost as a powerpoint presentation, there is not much that a dyslexic does not already know but it is very entertaining to hear it from a completely alternative perspective and for those who are not dyslexic, it will be a sharp learning curve. This is a “cool” and sincere young man on a mission to tell the world about dyslexia in a light hearted fashion and he deserves our support. In addition he is supporting us by putting our website address on the last powerpoint slide and telling his audience to get in touch with Dyslexia Scotland. 
A warning: in the true style of the fringe, this play takes part in a small venue crammed with up to 50 people and is very hot. Wear something cool!
Every night 5th August to 28 August (except Monday 15th August) 9pm – 10pm at The Gilded Balloon, Teviot Place, Edinburgh, £9.50 (£8.50) 0131 622 6552 or edfringe.com