We’re always pushing for greater awareness of dyslexia and influencing changes to improve lives.

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Campaign news

Our Strategic Plan sets out how we campaign for a dyslexia-friendly society, especially through Strategic Aims 2 and 3. Click here for more details.

You can contribute to a wide range of consultations about issues that affect people with dyslexia. Further details here.

Farming with Dyslexia campaign

The National Farmers Union for Scotland launched a campaign in July 2014 to raise awareness about the issues faced by farmers with dyslexia. 

Following the campaign launch in July 2014, the Farming With Dyslexia (FWD) Working Group was formed, bringing together organisations working within the rural sector, as well as Dyslexia Scotland. Find out more here and see the original NFUS statement about the campaign here. 

This video produced by Border Life shows a farming family, Andrew, Aileen and Alexander Orr, talking about how dyslexia has affected their lives.

Another video, produced by the Scottish Government, features NFUS's campaign ambassador, Kirstie Baird, Dyslexia Scotland's Chair of Council, Fiona Dickinson and other members of the Farming with Dyslexia working group.

Click here to download a Farming with Dyslexia poster.

Ellie's Blue Dyslexia Ribbon Campaign

Ellie was Dyslexia Scotland’s first Young Ambassador.  In 2012 she came up with the idea of a blue ribbon to raise awareness of dyslexia during Dyslexia Awareness Week

At the time, Ellie said:  'I want children to feel comfortable with their dyslexia and not to have to hide it away.  Most children don't want to tell their friends about it because they are ashamed or embarrassed.  

I want to educate people so that they understand that dyslexics are creative out of the box thinkers and that we are just as clever as everyone else. 

I want them to embrace their dyslexia and achieve their goals.'

Since the ribbon campaign was launched, 120,000 blue ribbons have been distributed across Scotland during Dyslexia Awareness Week.

Our Ambassadors

We are lucky to have a team of high profile Ambassadors notable in various parts of Scottish society, who have signed up to help Dyslexia Scotland raise awareness of the issues faced by people with dyslexia. 

Read about our Partners and Projects here.  

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