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Current and recent Consultations

With the support of our members and others with dyslexia, we respond to consultations on a range of topics.

Have your say in the future of Scottish education -  John Swinney, the Deputy First Minister and Cabinet Secretary for Education and Skills, asked for your views on how education in Scotland is run. This included who should take decisions in relation to the education of children and young people, and how funding can be made fairer.  The consultation document is called ‘Empowering teachers, parents and communities to achieve Excellence and Equity – A governance review’. 

Click here to see Dyslexia Scotland's response.

Click here to see the full analysis of all the responses received by the Scottish Government as well as a report published on 15 June 2017 of the next steps.


Past consultations

  • Work and Health - The UK government launched a national consultation on work and health on the 31st October 2016, seeking views on the needs of people with disabilities and health conditions in order to bring about a positive culture change around work, health and disability. Click here for our response. 
  • Equalities and Human Rights Committee: Widening Access to Scottish Universities for Disabled People (December 2016). Click here for our response. Click here for the Final report by the Equalities and Human Rights Committee.
  • We have also contributed a response to the Apprenticeship Levy consultation (August 2016). This consultation asked for views on options for the use of its share of UK Apprenticeship Levy funding being transferred to the Scottish Government. Our response echoes feedback from the Employability Support for the Disabled consultation response, and from the Dyslexia Adult network (DAN) All Parliamentary Resonse to the call for evidence on halving the disability employment gap.
  • A response in October 2015 to the Scottish Government consultation on Employability support for the disabled. Click here for our response. The aim of the consultation was to seek views on what the future of employment services in Scotland should look like from April 1st 2017, after the Department of Work and Pensions (DWP) contracted employment support is devolved. The Scottish Government response to this consultation was published on 22 March 2016 and can be viewed here.
  • Scottish Government consultation on extending the rights of children with capacity under the Additional Support for Learning Act 2004 (as Amended) and repealing section 70 of the Education (Scotland) Act 1980 (March 2014)
  • Scottish Government consultation on planning improvements for disabled pupils' access to education (March 2014)
  • SQA’s consultation on Reasonable Adjustments for Disabled Candidates in National Qualifications in Scotland (June 2012)
  • Scottish Referendum Question – (November 2012)
  • A proposal for a Children and Young People Bill  (September 2012)
  • Letter of Rights for Scotland - for people held in police custody in Scotland, to help suspects and accused persons understand their rights (February 2013)

Keep an eye out in our News Section - there may be other consultations that you may wish to contribute to.