Dyslexia Awareness Week

Building Independence for Life

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Dyslexia Awareness Week will be on 4 - 9 November 2019

The theme of the week is Building Independence for Life.  We want to raise awareness and show how, with the right support, children and adults with dyslexia can achieve their full potential. 

As well as a general poster for schools and other places, we also have posters which highlight the strengths and creativity that dyslexia can bring to the workplace:

Colin           Emily           Gavin           Kat           Indie           General Poster

Here are some other ways you can take part:  

  • Go to one of the events taking place across Scotland. 
  • Are you planning to hold an event or awareness raiser during Dyslexia Awareness Week?  Tell us about it here.
  • Show your support by using our supporter logo in your emails and social media. 
  • Show our presentation in your school or look at a more general awareness raising presentation
  • For schools, our West Lothian branch wants to celebrate the successes and achievements of your dyslexic young people. Download this document for pupils to complete telling us their dyslexic superpower - this does not have to relate to dyslexia but should be something that makes them proud of themselves. (This can be anything from getting all their spelling words correct, telling funny jokes, scoring goals, being a great friend, helping make dinner - anything that makes them feel pleased with themselves.) They can draw themselves being awesome or just write in their achievement. Please share on social media!
  • Check out our website for children and young people aged 8 - 18 and download a poster here
  • Share our Twitter and Facebook posts and post using #DAWScot
  • Get some ideas for things you can do in schools or in the workplace.
  • If you’re a teacher, sign up to the 3 free online Modules on the Online Addressing Dyslexia Toolkit. Or, if you work in Community Learning and Development, see this online module which will give you a greater understanding of dyslexia. 
  • Check out our leaflets for children, parents, adults and employers.
  • Join Dyslexia Scotland and be part of a growing membership across Scotland – you can join or renew online and we have individual and family memberships.
  • Got a question about dyslexia?  Contact our Helpline today. See our leaflets here.  

Order Ellie's Blue Dyslexia Ribbons by emailing blueribbon@dyslexiascotland.org.uk

We would appreciate a donation of £2 to cover postage costs. Bank details are: Dyslexia Scotland, Sort code: 82 68 05 Account number: 80558344