Dyslexia for Employers

Whether you employ or work alongside someone with dyslexia, we can help.

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Getting started

To help get you started, download our set of short guides written by our experts on dyslexia and employment

What is dyslexia? will give you a quick overview of the learning difficulty.

Our Guide for Employers and Applications and Interviews for Employers publications contain advice on employing people with dyslexia, including regulations regarding dyslexia for employers and how to offer support to employees with dyslexia. 

You may also be interested in reading our Dyslexia and Visual Issues leaflet. It has information about possible problems including binocular instability, Meares-Irlen or Scotopic Sensitivity issues.

Ideas for Dyslexia Friendly Formats will tell you about the best way to format communications to make them accessible to everybody.

Dyslexia Scotland and Macroberts, a leading commercial law firm, have written a leaflet about issues around Dyslexia at work.

All of our dyslexia leaflets can be downloaded or printed.

Scottish Trades Union Congress Dyslexia Guide

This Dyslexia guide has been developed by the Scottish Trade Union Congress and Scottish Union Learning to help Union Learning Representatives support and signpost people in the workplace who may have dyslexia, and to encourage them to contact relevant organisations that can provide the expertise required. 

Membership of the Scottish Trades Union Dyslexia Group includes representatives from various affiliated unions, Scottish Union Learning, the STUC Disabled Workers’ Committee and Dyslexia Scotland. 

Training for employers

The more people understand the difficulties it brings, the easier life will become for people with dyslexia.

That’s why we offer high quality training for organisations – helping raise awareness so that you can better support your workforce. 

To discuss your training needs and options, simply get in touch. 

Online Module: Dyslexia and Inclusive Practice (Community Learning and Development)

This free, introductory module aims to provide practitioners who work in a Community Learning and Development setting (post school) with an improved awareness of what dyslexia is, its impact, how it is assessed in different contexts and how it can be supported within an inclusive learning environment. Anyone supporting dyslexic adults in a learning or employment setting may also find this module helpful.

It is anticipated that the module will take between 2 – 3 hours to complete. However the length of time will be determined by a range of factors such as prior knowledge and the depth of learning undertaken.

Please click the link below to access this course on the open university website.  It is available to anyone to complete and is completely free of charge.