Dyslexic adult?

Dyslexia in adults - everything you need to know

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Am I dyslexic?

If you think you might be dyslexic and want to find out how to be sure, we're here to help. 

Speak with Dyslexia Scotland's friendly Helpline advisers about assessment: 0344 800 8484  [email protected].

Our leaflets can you give you information:

Other resources:

Post Assessment Pack for Adults: if you have just discovered that you're dyslexic, or have known for a while but have recently taken positive steps to learn more about dyslexia, then this collection of resources is for you. 

Check out this list of self-help books and resources compiled by one of our members. (The author has highlighted those that they found most useful in pale orange). They have also written a list of self-help podcasts and videos and a list of books which are personal stories about dyslexia.

Your local Dyslexia Scotland branch may also hold regular meetings, as well as other activities and events. Please note, the main focus of our branches is children, young people, parents and teachers, although some of their events may focus on adult dyslexia. Our Adult Network meetings focus only on adults with dyslexia.


Dyslexia Adult Networks

We currently have three Adult Network Groups and a new Student Network beginning in February 2022:

All the upcoming meeting dates are posted on our Events page. During the pandemic/lockdown, our adult network meetings are being held on Zoom. 

The Adult Networks are support groups for people over 18 who have dyslexia where you can:

  • share your ideas and experiences
  • discuss how you have overcome challenges
  • talk about issues in education and employment
  • learn from guest speakers
It was wonderful to hear my voice echoed back at me from others with similar feelings, viewpoints and experiences. and to see the nodding heads of agreement and not blank stares. Also hearing about things I had never considered or personally experienced, so I can further educate myself on the diversity within dyslexia itself.” Cassie H

We are aware that some people might feel a little nervous about coming to an adult network meeting, so the first time you attend, you would be welcome to bring a friend or relative.  

Around 15 people attend most meetings, so you won't be lost in a huge crowd of people. Regular attenders are very supportive and enjoy sharing their experiences/strategies with new people. You're most welcome to come along and find out more.

If you would like to attend regularly, we do recommend that you take out membership with Dyslexia Scotland. An individual membership is £20 per year (or £10 for concessions). There are loads of benefits when you join, including an excellent quarterly magazine with a wealth of information about dyslexia experiences and journeys.

If you have any queries about the adult network meetings, please email: [email protected] or call 01786 44 66 50.

It was the first time people actually understood what I had gone through.
Gary, 23, West Lothian.