CANCELLED: Dyslexia Training for Human Resources Managers

Monday, 27 April 2020 - 9:30am to 1:00pm
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This training will cover:

  • An overview of dyslexia: Identification, strengths, challenges, common myths and practical examples of what it feels like to be dyslexic
  • Legal responsibilities: an overview using cases to explore the importance of reasonable adjustments for both individuals and their employers.
  • Practical guidance: Identification and assessment reports and ways to put reasonable adjustments in place and reduce the barriers that dyslexic employees may experience.

What we hope to accomplish:

At the end of the session we hope that you will understand the legal framework that applies for staff with dyslexia, the signs of dyslexia and understand the effect of workplace barriers.

We hope you'll walk away from this seminar with an increased awareness of your responsibilities under The Equality Act 2010 and of how adjustments in the workplace environment can reduce barriers to equality. Subsequently, we hope you will be more confident in responding to these responsibilities.

Who is this training for?

  • Human Resources professionals
  • Line managers
  • Trade Union representatives
  • Diversity and Inclusion professionals
  • Employers
  • Anyone working with and wishing to support dyslexic adults in the workplace

The cost:

This training will cost £75 per person, which includes a free year's membership of Dyslexia Scotland.

The trainers:

Dyslexia Scotland's trainers for these events are Linda Kerr - Specialist Dyslexia Assessor, Tutor and Consultant and Karen McGill, legal adviser on Dyslexia Scotland's Board of Directors and a solicitor specialising in employment law.

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