Young Artist Achieves Gold Arts Award with Dyslexia Scotland

12 October 2020
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Young artist Millie Wolfe is celebrating success in passing her Gold Arts Award, an arts leadership qualification, with support from Dyslexia Scotland.

Arts Award is a set of unique qualifications open to anyone up to age 25, that develops creativity, leadership and communication skills. Though it is not currently accredited on the SCQF framework, the level 3 Certificate in the Arts qualification is roughly equivalent to a Higher, providing Millie with 16 valuable UCAS points.

The Gold Arts Award recognises 19 year old Millie’s development of art knowledge and understanding, creativity and planning, and leadership of an arts project in her local community. Millie focussed her portfolio on the ancient art of mosaic. She visited Barcelona to undertake research on famous mosaic artist Antoni Gaudi, learned the technique from Scottish artist Rhona Duffy and produced her own body of impressive mosaic work. For her leadership project, Millie passed on her skills to a primary 7 class in her home town of Linlithgow, supporting them to make a large-scale artwork on the theme of bio-diversity, to go on display in the town.

The experience and qualification mean a lot to Millie who previously struggled with some aspects of her learning. She said 
“I felt it was a great opportunity to do a qualification outside of the normal setting of education and doing this award through Dyslexia Scotland gave me more support. For me, it's an extra qualification, as I really struggled in school and just having that step up is massive. 
I'm so happy with what I have achieved. I'm so proud of my work and new skills. I am definitely more confident with my presentation skills and my portfolio looks amazing. When I got the information for Gold Arts Award, it seemed like a mammoth task but once I got into it and broke it down into smaller chunks it was much easier and I have had so much support from Dyslexia Scotland’s Arts Award Adviser, showing me how to do things in a different way and helping me to develop and achieve my result.”


Mosaic artist Rhona Duffy said “When Millie got in touch with me and asked me if she could interview me for her Gold Arts Award, I was happy to help. Mosaic is a wonderful and therapeutic art, which I love practising and sharing with others through my teaching. It’s such an accessible art form, and I especially love it when people who think they’re ‘not conventionally creative’ surprise and delight themselves by producing beautiful mosaic art, which they’d never known they were capable of.”

Dyslexia Scotland’s Career Coach and Arts Award Adviser said “Not only has Millie demonstrated exceptional creativity and independence of mind in her own art work, she has led a fantastic arts project in her local community and passed on her skills and knowledge to young people there. External moderators of Millie’s portfolio remarked on her clear passion for mosaic. Dyslexia Scotland is delighted to have had the opportunity to support this emerging young arts leader to attain a qualification. We can’t wait to see what she does next.”

Visit our Arts Award page to find out more about this unique qualification.